Judson Studios | SPPF Annual Meeting 2016 Was Amazing

Meeting & Tour Was June 11, 2016

Members and guests will park in the new facility at 143 Pasadena Ave., South Pasadena, and walk (0.4 miles) across the York Blvd. Bridge to the older Judson Studios facility at 200 So. Ave. 66 in Highland Park.

Once our very brief meeting and the tour are complete, we will walk back to the new facility for a review of the Kansas City project being assembled.

Limited drinks and snacks will be available in our meeting area in front of the Judson Studios in Highland Park.

We are limited to 60 participants, members and guests. Members are admitted free, guests donation of $5.00 please.

For further information, call Dan Evans at (626) 403-0575.

“Judson Studios Annual Meeting 2016” — S.P.P.F.