Annual Meeting | June 6 2015 5:00pm at the Rialto!

An exciting evening with Rialto History, Plans for the Rialto, a tribute to Irving Gill & the early 20th century architectural treasures of South Pasadena, and more! See You There.

Rare Double Treat for architecture buffs!

Architect John Reed to Fete Irving Gill at Rialto Theater

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Irving Gill’s famed, but ill-fated Dodge House,

the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation has invited Gill expert and noted architectural

historian/architect John Reed to speak about Gill and his lost Los Angeles treasure at the

newly-rescued Rialto Theater – 1023 South Fair Oaks Ave in South Pasadena. Although

considered one of the 15 most architecturally significant residences ever built in the United

States, the Dodge House in West Hollywood was demolished in 1970.

With popcorn and candy-counter delectables, the special event gets underway at 5 pm,

Saturday June 6, as part of the Preservation Foundation’s annual meeting education

program. “The Rialto has been shuttered for several years, and we are very fortunate to

have the opportunity to hold this important tribute to Irving Gill and see the Rialto in its

pre-renovation condition. Our connection to Gill’s incredible contribution to modern

architecture is his Miltmore house in South Pasadena. It’s probably the best intact

residence Gill ever built,‘ says Odom Stamps, Preservation Foundation president.

The public is invited and the event is free. Seating is limited so anyone wishing to attend

should RSVP online at by 5pm June 5th.

John Reed first discovered Gill’s work in 1944 while studying industrial design at USC

with classmates Conrad Buff, Don Hensman, and Pierre Koenig and living in the Homer

Laughlin residence in Los Angeles that Gill had designed in 1907. After graduating and

living in San Diego for many years, John moved his practice back to Los Angeles and set

up shop in R. M. Schindler’s King Road studio/residence. Reed’s wealth of knowledge

and rich stories about Gill and other masters of modern architecture should be a treat for

everyone able to attend.

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